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Nathan Chan

Founder & CEO 

My Story

I am a twelfth-grade student of history and law, studying in Shanghai, China. A published author and researcher of wisdom tales and history, I love languages and aspire to create a meaningful impact on social justice. I am the Founder and Director of an international mock trial tournament, The Law Association for Crimes Across History (, which retries some of history's most heinous perpetrators of evil to gain generational perspective with teams of students internationally. Passionate about using my voice for change, I also host a podcast that feeds and shares my passion for social justice and history at


I am currently developing Mission Fortitude, a youth-designed platform that integrates my various initiatives. Working with KIDsForSDGs, nominated for the World Humanitarian Forum Youth Council, and positioned to host a Social Enterprise World Forum community hub later this year, the goal is to inspire and equip 10,000 youth across 100 countries with the necessary skill set to develop their own blueprint of social impact. I hope to realize tangible and measurable socio-economic impacts in 5 years.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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