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Through Mission Fortitude, youth will have the opportunity to engage in learnings not found in any school curriculums, developing transferable skills for future endeavors.


Students will gain in-depth knowledge on:

1. 3+ justice topics.                         

2. What justice means to them.     

3. The International Criminal Court

4. Basic legal proceedings             

5. Action steps to create a social       enterprise


By enrolling in Mission Fortitude, students will have full access to all resources provided by LACAH, History 4 Two, and SPOT. This includes posting their own future podcasts, as well as projects.


Students will develop the skills of:

1. Critical thinking

2. Research

3. Public speaking

4. Interviewing 

5. Creating a social enterprise


Fellowship Certification

Students will:

1. Receive an Official Mission Fortitude Certificate of Fellowship

2. Be featured (with their final projects) on the website

3. Have a certificate of completion for the Wharton Social Entrepreneurship program


Students will foster a network with:

1. Like-minded peers globally

2. Professionals focused on addressing social justice

3. A cohort of students with strong passion for justice


At the end of the program, each student will be nominated by Mission Fortitude for multiple student project grant funds so as to kick-start their journeys.


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