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Our Methodology

Mission Fortitude's unique 4-step methodology takes Fellowship Students on a journey to discover personalized ways to take action for justice.

Law Association for Crimes Across History (LACAH)

Fellowship Students will receive a scholarship to attend LACAH, which is a 100% student-run, non-profit, and bi-annual international mock trial tournament. LACAH's mission is to provide collaborative opportunities to high school students around the world to learn about the practice of law, develop empathy, and create a proactive global network of like-minded peers. With LACAH-written cases themed around social justice topics, LACAH hopes to address current issues through studying history critically.


History 4 Two

Fellowship Students will each get a chance to interview 3 experts on different topics related to justice through the History 4 Two Podcast. With thousands of listeners globally, the podcast specializes in interviewing experts to deep-dive into historical injustices and oppression in hopes of learning from the past to avoid repeating the same mistakes. 


Wharton: Social Entrepeneurship

Fellowship Students will enroll in this course and receive a sponsored certificate of completion. The Wharton Social Entrepeneurship Program, offered as an online course, is a self-paced method to grasp the basics of creating enterprises that make meaningful impacts.


Student Projects Organized Together (SPOT)

Fellowship Students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with SPOT with a step-by-step walkthrough hosted by co-founder and Imperial College London student Jason Li. SPOT is a platform for students to post their initiatives, enroll in other youth programs, and to meet like-minded peers internationally.

Process Logistics

The entirety of Mission Fortitude is virtual, while most of the learning will be completed asynchronously to accommodate  schedules. Fellowship Students will come together over Zoom for group discussions, presentations, podcasts, and events.

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